In these videos, parents share their experiences of pregnancy care and pregnancy during each trimester, stillbirth and miscarriage, and giving birth in different settings. Experts talk about services and support available during pregnancy and after your baby is born.
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Pregnancy: first trimester
Parent Story | 5:37
Giving birth at a public hospital
Parent Story | 5:44
After birth support and services
Parent Story | 2:06
Pregnancy care and appointments
Parent Story | 4:45
Pregnancy: second trimester
Parent Story | 6:08
Pregnancy: third trimester
Parent Story | 4:21
Giving birth at a birth centre
Parent Story | 5:02
Giving birth at a private hospital
Parent Story | 6:27
Giving birth at home
Parent Story | 7:38
Pregnancy care: multicultural
Parent Story | 3:52
Planning for your baby’s birth
Parent Story | 3:48
Relationships in pregnancy
Parent Story | 5:18
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