This selection of parenting videos is available in 12 languages other than English (LOTE), and in Auslan (provided by Vicdeaf, the Victorian Deaf Society). Select the video you want to watch, then choose your language from the menu on the video page.

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Parent Story
Parenting in a new country
5:41 min
Parent Story
Connecting and communicating
4:39 min
Parent Story
Different cultures: play and learning
7:17 min
Parent Story
Bilingualism: speaking two languages at home
2:50 min
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Bathing a newborn safely
Demo | 1:13
Nappy changing
Demo | 1:48
How to wrap a baby
Demo | 1:14
All about child disability diagnosis
Parent Story | 8:04
Bottle and formula preparation
Demo | 1:47
Cerebral palsy: after the diagnosis
Parent Story | 8:03
Cerebral palsy overview
Parent Story | 6:39
About disability early intervention
Parent Story | 8:39
Child disability services and support: parent and expert tips
Parent Story | 6:20
Down syndrome: after the diagnosis
Parent Story | 6:27
Down syndrome overview
Parent Story | 7:26
Fragile X syndrome: after the diagnosis
Info | 3:56
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