Interactive tools

Interactive tools and resources

In this section, discover the range of interactive tools, video guides, mobile apps and other products Raising Children Network offers parents and carers. 

  • Baby cues video guide icon

    Baby Cues video guide

    Our video guide shows common baby cues to help you understand your baby’s body language.

  • Baby Karaoke

    Baby Karaoke

    Forgotten the words to 'Rock-a-Bye Baby'? Sing to your child with confidence using our Baby Karaoke interactive or mobile app.

  • Birth Choices

    Birth Choices

    Your essential guide to pregnancy care and giving birth in Australian public hospitals, private hospitals, birth centres or at home.
  • Teen girl looking cranky

    Talking to Teens guide

    Watch some tricky parent and teen situations and explore how different approaches to communicating can get different results.