What expectant dads need to know

The Dads Guide to Pregnancy is written for dads, with dads, by experts who are dads.

We asked Australian dads about the information they wanted when their partners were pregnant. The topics and information here are based on what they told us.

And like all articles on raisingchildren.net.au, the information in the Dads Guide is reliable, scientifically validated and based on parenting research.

  • Happy couple

    Early pregnancy: 1-13 weeks

    This is the first trimester, from 1-3 months of pregnancy. You might have mixed feelings about the changes ahead – that’s normal. Finding out what to expect can help.
  • Father-to-be looking at partner's stomach

    Middle pregnancy: 14-24 weeks

    This is the second trimester, from 3-6 months of pregnancy. It still might not feel real, but it’s a good time to think about work-life balance, your own dad and your relationship.
  • Hands on pregnant stomach

    Late pregnancy: 25-40 weeks

    This is the third trimester, from 6-9 months of pregnancy. It can feel like a countdown to match day, until you finally get to run onto the ground and be in the game as a dad.