In these videos, mums share their experiences and demonstrate breastfeeding their newborns and babies. Experts answer common questions and talk about getting support. The videos cover different positions, attachment, challenges and more. 
Breastfeeding: why it’s good
Info | 3:59
Baby-led attachment
Demo | 7:42
Getting a good attachment
Demo | 4:37
Breastfeeding: why it’s good
Info | 3:59
Breastfeeding positions
Demo | 3:27
Breastfeeding problems: getting support
Parent Story | 6:00
How often, how long, waking baby
Info | 3:17
Breastmilk supply and expressing
Info | 4:58
Spitting up, eating special foods
Info | 2:12
Challenges and getting help
Info | 3:42